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The Importance of Modern Resume Formatting

It’s 2021 — your resume should reflect that. It’s time to toss out the old plain-text word doc formatting and dive into the world of the modern resume. An outdated resume can age you, even if you’re fresh out of college. No matter where you are in your career — your resume should stand out. 

Whether you prefer a modern design or something more traditional — there are layout options for everyone. At Careerlaunch, we offer premium, customized formatting that fits your needs and will set you apart from the rest. From organization to graphic design, content integration, and optimization for both print and digital use, our formatting supports the goals of each of our clients. 

Applicant Tracking Systems: Our Solution

Hiring managers and recruiters are using Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) more than ever to track candidates, strategically scanning your resume for valuable keywords to determine if your application should receive further consideration. Here at CareerLaunch, we are equipped with the tools to ensure you’re prepared to face ATS. Our internal reverse ATS and honed expertise ensures your resume will be effective for the modern job search.


Early Career Resume Examples

If you’re freshly out of school or just starting out in your career, you’ll want to focus on your education and transferable skills. With little professional work history, it’s important to communicate what you bring to the table and tie your life experiences together to present a clear picture of why you’re the best candidate for the job.

Experienced Professional Resume Examples

Focus on accomplishments within each role, even if they’re not quantifiable. You can do this by adding an “Achievements” section beneath your other bullets. This will communicate not only what your job is and how you do it, but why you’re a valuable employee.


Executive Resume Examples

Focus on your achievements and goals — a section dedicated to highlighting measurable accomplishments can go a long way. With a ton of experience behind you, executive clients can run into problems with length and repetition. You’ll want to keep the bullets under each position short and to the point, drawing the reader’s eye from the summary to the “Achievements” section first and foremost.

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