Let's Get Started!

We are so excited to begin this process with you! The next step is to gather the materials needed to craft the best application for you. But first, let’s talk a little bit more about what this process looks like.

Included below is an overview of each step and how we will be working together to create a product you can feel confident in. When you’re able, please take a few minutes to read about what you can expect from working with CareerLaunch!


Phase 1 – Keywords

We’ll use our internal ATS to analyze how your current resume is matching up with the jobs you want. We’ll then leverage those results to craft new keyword-optimized content that will set you up for success.

Phase 2 – Writing

In this step, we will do the bulk of the work, including refining, supplementing, and modernizing your resume content to align with the highest standards of writing – ensuring we deliver the best product possible. During this phase we may have questions; your timely response(s) ensures your project moves forward quickly and smoothly.

Phase 3 – Content Review

The best resumes are written with you, not for you. We’ll send you the first draft of the unformatted resume for review to ensure the content is perfect. After you receive the draft, please review it for accuracy, add markups, and supply additional information if needed.

Phase 4 – Design, Formatting, and Finalization

You signed off on your resume content, now you can sit back and relax while we work our magic with Adobe InDesign. We’ll make your resume visually appealing in order to grab the attention of potential employers. Your only task in this phase is to review the formatted resume and let us know if you are confident with the final product, or if there are any other edits that should be made.

Phase 5 – Additional Services

If you purchased an add-on service (cover letter, LinkedIn profile update), we’ll walk you through those processes and get started now. Typically, these are completed within a few business days after the resume is completed. What if you didn’t purchase an add-on? That’s no problem, we’d love to share with you how those services can benefit your search!