Our Process

It’s important that you know how our process works so you can ask the right questions and we can have the right answers. To make sure your project takes off without a hitch, we encourage our clients to read about what it will be like to work with us, what goes into the writing process, and what they can expect from the team here at CareerLaunch.


Analyze, Strategize, and Optimize – Keywords

What we do:
We’ll take those job listings you shared and scan them against your resume to analyze how you’re matching up with the roles you want! Our internal reverse ATS helps us to position your new content exactly where it should be.

What you do:
Let us work our magic. Our writers are skilled at identifying the keyword you’ll need to be successful. If we have questions or need clarity during this phase, we’ll reach out to you for help!


Restructuring and Strengthening the Content -- Writing

What we do:
In this phase, your writer will do the brunt of the work, including refining, supplementing, and modernizing your resume content to align with the highest standards of resume writing and deliver the best resume possible.

What you do:
Expect your confidence to grow!

During the writing phase we may have questions, your timely responses ensure your project moves forward quickly and smoothly.


Working with You – Content-Only Draft Review

What we do:
The best resumes are written with you, not for you. We’ll send you a plain text first draft that makes it easy to review, edit, and refine your brand new content to ensure it’s exactly what you want!

What you do:
In this stage, it’s crucial you take the time to thoroughly review your first draft. Check it for accuracy, send mark ups, and share any additional info at this time. If you have questions on the best way to incorporate something, you’ve got the best of the best on your side!


Shaping the Aesthetics – Design, Formatting, and Finalization

What we do:
You signed off on your resume content, now you can sit back and relax while we work our magic with Adobe InDesign. We’ll make your resume visually appealing to grab the attention of would-be employers.

What you do:
Your only task is to review the formatted resume and let us know if you are confident with the final product or if there are any other edits that should be made.


Boosting Your Application’s Effectiveness – Additional Services

What we do:
If you purchased an add-on service like a new cover letter or LinkedIn profile update — we’ll start to tackle those projects in this phase!

What if you didn’t purchase an add-on? That’s no problem, we’d love to share with you how those services significantly strengthen your applications, broaden your network, and increase your appeal to recruiters!

What you do:
We will send over a little bit of homework for you to tackle as you have time. These thought-provoking questions will allow your writer to paint an authentic picture of who you are and what you bring to the table.