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Executive Resumes

By the time you’ve reached this level in your career, you’ve likely got a bucket full of notable achievements. We will review your resume and discuss a strategic direction for your new content while keeping length and repetition in mind. Together with one of our professional resume writers, you’ll find the support, guidance, and expertise you need to communicate a lifetime of career accomplishments! 

Ideal for clients who:


Have 20+ years
of experience

Are targeting jobs with a salary range of $120,000+

Currently work in or are seeking Director, VP, and C-Suite roles

The Basics

A resume-only update with everything you need to have the perfect resume for your job search

Resume Content

  • Receive brand new content that is compelling, modern, and professional

Keyword Optimization

  • Our internal reverse ATS and honed expertise ensures your resume will be effective for the modern job search

Premium Format

  • Custom formatting that will make your application an instant attention grabber

Approx. 6-8hrs @ $100/hr

Resume+ Package

A package with additional services that will help your application stand out even more

Complete Resume Update

  • Modern formatting and keyword optimized

Advanced LinkedIn Profile

  • Grow your network and attract recruiters with keyword optimized content and a memorable About section

Universal Cover Letter

  • Stand out from the crowd with a cover letter that is unique and communicates your value to employers

Approx. 8-10hrs @ $100/hr


Executive Resume Examples

Focus on your achievements and goals — a section dedicated to highlighting measurable accomplishments can go a long way. With a ton of experience behind you, executive clients can run into problems with length and repetition. You’ll want to keep the bullets under each position short and to the point, drawing the reader’s eye from the summary to the “Achievements” section first and foremost.

Applicant Tracking Systems: Our Solution

Hiring managers and recruiters are using Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) more than ever to track candidates, strategically scanning your resume for valuable keywords to determine if your application should receive further consideration. Here at CareerLaunch, we are equipped with the tools to ensure you’re prepared to face ATS. We’ll work with you to identify the hard and soft skill keywords you need to land that interview!

Should I use a cover letter?

Our Cover Letter service is designed to check all of the boxes. We will work with you to identify your strengths and career goals, draft a unique and personal universal cover letter, and even walk you through how to customize yours for different applications.

Your cover letter should include:


An attention-grabbing introduction


All of the reasons why the company is perfect for you


Notable achievements, qualifications, or unique qualities you want to convey

How to benefit from LinkedIn

Our Advanced LinkedIn Profile will make sure you get the most out of LinkedIn. We can tackle that non-existent summary, highlight your achievements, boost your search positioning, and even walk you through updating that profile picture. Now more than ever it is imperative to have an updated profile — one that sets you apart from the competition and provides a compelling narrative of your career.

The numbers speak for themselves:


Listing 5 or more skills will bring in 17x more views


Updating your work history will make you 18x more likely to show up in a search


9 out of 10 recruiters turn to LinkedIn when they begin their candidate search

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