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Blueprints for a Modern Resume

Did you know that recruiters and hiring managers take, on average, six seconds to look at your resume and decide if they want to learn more about you? Six. Seconds. What does that mean for you? Your resume must grab their attention and concisely and clearly convey enough about yourself that they want to read more. An outdated, wordy resume can land even the most qualified candidate in the discard pile. By working with our professional resume writers, you’re guaranteed to stand out!

What goes into a great resume? Great content. Carefully curated, well organized, and results-oriented content to be exact. Top it all off with a premium, modern format and you’ll stand out amongst the crowd.


Tailored content

One of our talented resume writers will review any old resumes, supporting documents, and jobs that interest you to identify a strategic direction for your new resume. Through the use of an in-house Applicant Tracking System (ATS) tool, we’ll scan job listings for hard and soft skill keywords, evaluate what you might be missing, and provide an analysis of how best to tailor your professional resume content for the jobs you want!

More than results-oriented

Results, results, results! There’s a common misconception that all results need to be measurable — but that’s not the case with modern resumes. Most of your bullet points should include a skill, action, and result that not only showcases what you achieved but how you achieved it! Together, we will work through your accomplishments, notable projects, and key metrics to identify what best communicates what you want hiring managers and recruiters to know. Your resume writer will take it from there!

Modern formatting

Whether you’re looking for something traditional or something more graphic — we’ll make sure your resume is visually appealing! One of our professional resume writers will work with you to decide which type of formatting works best for your resume content and the industry you’re targeting! From organization to graphic design, content integration, and optimization for both print and digital use, our formatting supports the goals of each of our clients and sees to it that their resumes stand out.

Applicant Tracking Systems: Our Solution

Hiring managers and recruiters are using Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) more than ever to track candidates, strategically scanning your resume for valuable keywords to determine if your application should receive further consideration. Here at CareerLaunch, we are equipped with the tools to ensure you’re prepared to face ATS. Our internal reverse ATS and honed expertise ensures your resume will be effective for the modern job search.

Types of Resumes


The most common style which is best for mid-level professionals with a consistent work history and no significant gaps. A chronological resume works for all levels of experience across all industries.


A great option for those without a lot of career experience or job seekers diving back in after a significant gap in employment. In this style, your introduction and skill-set are highlighted.


A functional resume will reflect a carefully organized combination of both a skills-based and chronological resume. This style is best for job seekers with significant gaps in unemployment, those embarking on a new career path, or those who want to highlight specific skills.


A federal resume is typically much longer, more comprehensive, and provides additional information including salary, references, and even your hours worked in a week. While it might have a unique set of requirements, don’t worry — our professional resume writers are extremely knowledgeable in USAJobs guidelines and will work to craft a resume that checks all the boxes.

Personalized Services

Early Career

For those fresh out of school or just dipping their toes in the job market for the first time, our resume writers will focus on your education and transferable skills. With little professional work history, it’s important to communicate what you bring to the table and tie your life experiences together to present a clear picture of why you’re the best candidate for the job. Our professional resume writers know what to do to prepare you for your job search!

Ideal for clients who:

  • Possess less than five years of experience
  • Currently have one-page resumes
  • Are targeting jobs with a salary range of $30,000 – $50,000

Experienced Professional

Whether you’re looking to move up in your industry or make a major career change — we will work with you to focus on accomplishments within each role, even if they’re not quantifiable. By highlighting your core achievements, we are able to highlight why you’re the best candidate for the job. Our resume writers are familiar with a diverse range of industries and will partner with you to understand who you are, what you do, and where you’d like to be!

Ideal for clients who:

  • Have 5-15 years experience
  • Are seeking a push to the next level
  • Plan to target jobs with salary range of $50,000 – $100,000


By the time you’ve reached this level in your career, you’ve likely got a bucket full of notable achievements. We will review your resume and discuss a strategic direction for your new content while keeping length and repetition in mind. Together with one of our professional resume writers, you’ll find the support, guidance, and expertise you need to communicate a lifetime of career accomplishments!

Ideal for clients who:

  • Have 15+ years of experience
  • Are targeting jobs with a salary range of $100,000+
  • Currently work in or are seeking Director, VP, and C-Suite roles


If you’re looking to move into the public sector, you’ll want a resume that meets USAJobs guidelines to ensure you make it through their ATS. Our professional resume writers are well-versed in checking all the boxes and making sure your resume meets federal standards! We may need a bit of additional information than traditional resumes, but we will work with you to make sure we get everything just right.

Resume Writing Services

CareerLaunch Resume Writing Services
Early Career Resume Writing Services


Start developing your professional brand with strengths-based writing and a fresh, modern approach to formatting. We’ll ensure you’re ready to apply for any job.

Resume Writing Services


Communicate your subject matter expertise with a results-focused approach that is effective for all job search methods. Your next level is closer with us on your side.​

Executive Resume Writing Services


Don’t keep your career’s progress on hold because of your busy schedule. Partner with us and let the results do the work for you with our recruiter-optimized content.

Federal Resume Writing Services


Looking to transition to the public sector? Or reach that next GS level? Our resume writers know the ins and outs of federal resumes and we’ll check every box!

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