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“My initial consultation with Jason immediately confirmed that working with him and his staff would be the right choice, and I certainly wasn’t disappointed! Excellent communication, great feedback, and a very quick turnaround time. Highly recommended!”

Shane P.Social Media Customer Care - Lidl US

“I reached out to Jason and CareerLaunch for assistance with revamping my resume. Not only did they update me throughout the process, they brought my skills to life! His team pulled things out of my old resume that I didn’t even realize were there! With my new resume, I’ve landed several interviews & most recently accepted a job offer with a 30% salary increase! I’m so thankful that Jason and his team shared their professionalism & expertise with me by creating a resume that highly marketed my background. I highly recommend CareerLaunch!”

Tish B.MPA Program Management Advisor - Cigna Corporation

“I highly recommend Jason Brown and his Career Launch team! Jason and team helped me with my job search endeavors. And then six weeks after my initial interaction with them, they helped me with a last minute resume update that they accomplished within 90 minutes and after normal business hours! This is exemplary customer service!”

James H.Operations/Sales Executive

“Jason and CareerLaunch did an excellent job with my resume – I couldn’t be more pleased. They took the time to speak with me and review my past resumes, goals and objectives and produced a resume that is functional, organized and effective. They provided it quickly, were always responsive, and provided incredibly prompt updates and edits as needed. I would absolutely recommend working with CareerLaunch.”

Nathan M.Strategic Communication Specialist - Chenega Corporation

“I came to Jason and his team for help on my resume, cover letter, and my LinkedIn profile. They did more than simply write me an awesome resume and cover letter, he also gave me ideas on how to successfully sell myself to future employees. There is more to this than simply getting a resume, CareerLaunch will also give you tips on what to include and what not to as he knows what exactly employees are looking for. I have a busy schedule and it was really easy working with CareerLaunch as they will go by your schedule. I am very satisfied with the work and effort that they put in and have already recommended CareerLaunch to my coworkers.”

William C.Area Manager Tier 5 - Amazon

“It had been over 12 years since I have had to look for a job. It is an understatement, that the entire “job search” process was daunting to me. In fact, for the first two or three months, I just used the resume that I had created 12 years prior and simply added my most recent experiences to it. However, I quickly realized that the old resume couldn’t help me compete with people who were younger than me, smarter than me and etc. So, I used LinkedIn’s profinder to look for a resume writer. Jason Brown with CareerLaunch, responded, and the rest, as they say, is history. His team, of resume experts, re-worked my resume into something that was modern, eye-catching and ATS friendly. Everyone was so helpful, they took my suggestions seriously and worked them into the final product.

I am happy to report that I was recently offered an awesome position using my new resume. I am so grateful for the opportunity to work with the CareerLaunch team and I would definitely recommend them to anyone who has an outdated, congested resume. Please reach out to Jason Brown and have him and his team provide you with feedback with a fresh set of eyes. Thanks again, guys!! I am forever grateful.”

Ayesha M.Associate Director

“Jason and his team did a tremendous job from start to finish by providing a fresh and effective new perspective to my resume. I was looking to give my traditional resume a facelift by making it current and modern to be more appealing to the creative industries. Additionally, Jason and his team sought out additional information to further improve my resume which provided a significant amount of value. They knocked it out of the park and I highly recommend their services.”

Sarah D.Social Media and Project Manager

“CareerLaunch not only provided me with an incredible resume, but a new confidence in my abilities and in my career.

Before working with them I was in a job that was not a good fit but I also didn’t know what I wanted to do next. It felt like each time I applied for a job I became less confident in my search.

When I started with CareerLaunch, I was given an advisor that assisted me with re-creating my resume. Sara was absolutely amazing and the resume she provided was the best I have ever seen, including the one I had done by a well-known resume building company. But what stood out even more was the way Sara worked with me. She really got to know me and helped me understand the changes she was making. The process gave me a newfound motivation to search for jobs because I knew how great my resume had become.

I also met virtually with Jason for Career Coaching. These meetings were genuinely life-altering. I was at a crossroads with six different routes and no idea which to choose. Jason helped me unpack my skills and compare them to the things I wanted to achieve in life.  His expertise provided me with insight and a new perspective from which I could more clearly see the various careers I wanted. He was so kind and patient with me and did not pressure me or impose stressful deadlines. Thanks to Jason I was able to assess what I am good at and what it is I want as a career.  And now, I am confident that I am on the right path.

Hands down, CareerLaunch is the place to go for any career resource services you need! “

Rachel B.Purchased Advocate Services - September, 2019