Complete Guide to Stellar Job Interviews

Do you find yourself wanting to dive deeper into interview preparation?  We have the perfect tool! CareerLaunch’s “Complete Guide to Stellar Job Interviews”.  Within its pages are practical, step-by-step directions for navigating all the best ways to practice and prepare for your interviews.

Find out more about what’s inside its 41 pages below:


Personal Inventories

The foremost step to preparing your interview strategy is to inventory all of your experiences, skills, strengths, and weaknesses thus far in your career.

“What is an inventory?” you ask. Great question! In the simplest of terms, an inventory is a list. For the purpose of this guide, making an inventory is an exercise that promotes self-awareness and yields a better understanding of the resources you have at your disposal. Honest self-evaluation is the first step in setting yourself up for career success.

Our guide includes three thorough inventories with worksheets and examples to help complete them effectively.


Strategy for Answering Interview Questions

By using the information compiled in the inventories you created, you will be able to weave a narrative that demonstrates your skills and proves you are good at your job. More so, you’ll be able to confidently convince the interviewer that you are a great candidate for the position. The formula for a great answer isn’t complex; it is simply communicating what the interviewer wants to know with confidence.

While there are many different types of questions an interviewer can ask, there is only one type of answer you should give. The method for crafting these consistently effective responses is addressed in depth in this guide.


110+ Example Questions

The most common questions in an interview are those designed to assess your personality and work ethic through indicators of behaviors, situations, competence, and opinion.

While questions can vary slightly, we’ve put together a list of the most frequently asked interview questions that will allow you to be prepared for any variation of them.


Strategies for the Big Day

Congratulations, you landed an interview! Now what?

An important thing to understand is that a job interview is more than just one hour spent in an office building talking to impressive people in suits.  To help you ready yourself for the day of the interview, we broke down our best interview practices into three phases: pre-interview, interview, and post-interview.

If you follow these best interview practices, you will quickly and confidently handle the final preparation for the big day, perform exceptionally well at your interviews, and create persuasive follow-up communications to ensure the hiring managers’ positive association of your name with the open position.


Double Your Money

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