Coaching Services

Considering hiring a coach but not sure where to begin? Let us help. Our one-on-one Coaching Services are designed to meet your unique needs through personalized programming built for you by our Certified Career Coach. Now more than ever, coaching plays a vital role in providing guidance and support to professionals of all experience levels in every field. 

Our (awesome, yes we mean it) coach helps our clients define their career goals, plan career moves, and overcome obstacles in their professional lives. Whether you’re just starting out, looking to level up, or desire to optimize the way you lead, working with our team will help you find the answers and insights you need. Great coaching will build confidence, inform sensible decision-making, and enable you to maximize your potential. 

Studies show that coaching clients are overall incredibly happy with their results—ready for some stats? 

  • 99% who hire a coach are “satisfied or very satisfied” with their results 
  • 96% say they’d repeat the process again
  • 95% of clients rate their coaches as “good” or “excellent”
  • 68% of individuals who hired coaches were able to make back their investment 

Source: ICF Global Coaching Study

What can I expect from coaching? 

  • One-on-one coaching scheduled at your convenience—we offer on-demand and scheduled sessions with both short- and long-range options depending on your needs
  • Advice from a seasoned professional and Certified Career Coach with 35+ years of valuable experience on both sides of the desk—you’ll learn from the best and yes, we mean the best
  • Custom programming that follows a pre-determined plan aligned with your needs—you’ll work with our coach beforehand to identify your professional goals, establish a coaching roadmap, and set expectations for your sessions 

What is career coaching? 

At CareerLaunch, we know that coaching is not one-size-fits-all and no two career paths are the same. This requires unique and personalized guidance. Career coaching is available to everyone, whether you’re a recent grad or a seasoned executive, an honest, unbiased, and supportive perspective is an invaluable resource. Our coach is trained to: 

  • Navigate career transitions 
  • Provide evidence-based advice 
  • Run strengths assessments 
  • Assist with career planning 
  • Set and engage career goals 
  • Help you build your brand 
  • Establish footing in a new role
  • Maximize your growth potential 
  • Help you find a work-life balance 
  • Teach you how to set boundaries 
  • Explore ways to acquire new skills
  • Recommend training opportunities 

Rates begin at $125/hr and vary based on scope; discounted bundles are available. 

What is interview coaching? 

Interview coaching isn’t simply for those just starting out. Even seasoned professionals need a refresher course on the ins and outs of nailing an interview. Our coach will work with you to refine your interviewing skills and teach you how to positively engage the entire interview process. You’ll gain an understanding of strategies and techniques that are guaranteed to leave a good impression. Our coach is trained to: 

  • Plan and execute mock interviews 
  • Design and practice interview questions 
  • Guide you through answer development 
  • Help you showcase your talent and skills 
  • Support you in building up your confidence 
  • Teach you tactics for managing your stress 
  • Provide pre-and post-interview check-ins 

Rates begin at $125/hr and vary based on scope; discounted bundles are available.