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Interview with Confidence

Interviews. Yikes! For some, the thought of a job interview provokes little concern; for others, the very sound of the word “interview” makes them anxious. There is one certainty, however; everyone who cares about their performance in a job interview and the future of their career must spend time preparing.

You may be anxious about an upcoming job interview or just simply looking for assistance in your interview preparations. Whether you struggle with interviews just a little or you find yourself overwhelmed and full of anxiety, CareerLaunch is here to show you the path to confident, impactful, and life-changing interviewing. We have you covered with our three main services listed below:

Fundamentals of Interview Strategy Guide

By taking the burden of devising or finding a strategy from your plate, we can give you extra time to focus on the application of our proven strategy and to become fully prepared.

This free guide covers the following:

  • Tips for summarizing your experiences
  • Details on different types of questions you’ll be asked
  • Strategies on how to answer any interview question


Complete Guide to Stellar Job Interviews

The complete, 41-page guide contains everything you need to be thoroughly prepared and well-practiced for your interviews such as:

  • Tips and tricks for answering some of the more challenging interview questions
  • Step-by-step instructions for personal inventories and examples of how to apply our job interview strategy in practice
  • 110+ examples of interview questions
  • Extensive strategies for how to prepare and handle the big day


Interview Coaching and Mock Interviews

Do you have a specific, personal concern about one or more of the frequently asked interview questions?

Do you struggle with nervousness or anxiety that holds you back from doing your best in an interview?

Or maybe you would like to prepare for the big day by going through a mock interview?

Whatever it is that you want to work on to better prepare for interviews, our interview coaches are here for you!